Lagoon, Cedar Point, Ohio (Date Unknown)

Lagoon, Cedar Point, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage postcard showing the lagoon at Cedar Point, Ohio.

The description on the front of the card:
Lagon, Cedar Point, Ohio.

Named for its abundance of cedar trees, the Cedar Point peninsula in Sandusky, Ohio, was originally known as a fishing spot in the mid-1800s. The popularity of nearby Lake Erie islands, Kelleys Island, and South Bass Island as vacation destinations inspired Benjamin F. Dwelle and Capt. William Slackford leased the area and built eight bathhouses, a dance hall, and wooden walkways on the beach in 1882. After multiple partnerships and expanding into having theatres, a bowling alley, and a photography studio, the first amusement park ride was a water toboggan ride that sent riders into Lake Erie in 1890. Electricity was installed at the park the following year, and its first roller coaster was the year after.

In 1897, representatives of the Lake Erie and Western Railroad purchased the Cedar Point peninsula and formed the Cedar Point Pleasure Resort Company. An Indiana businessman, George A. Boeckling, was hired as the park’s manager, and he turned the picnic grounds into a nationally recognized amusement park.

During the early 1900s, mosquitoes were becoming a problem, so in 1904, the Detroit Dredging Company drained the swampy areas and created a series of lagoons that formed a waterway that became one of the park’s signature attractions. The lagoons provided a place for sightseeing boats as well as a way to get coal to the power plants.

Cedar Point has grown over the century into the second-largest operating amusement park in America is now 364 acres and has the second-most roller coasters in the world.

Estimated Date: 1907-1911

Era: Divided Back Era
Condition: Used / Damaged

The message on the back of the card:
We are having a delightful time on this beautiful island.
We are going to take a little trip on the lake tomorrow up to Put in Bay.
Mrs. Edith Moody

Addressed to:
Mrs. A. Dunlap
Muncie, Indiana

Back of Lagoon, Cedar Point, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Back of the postcard features a handwritten message.

Distributed by: S.H. Knox & Co.

S. H. Knox & Co. was a retail company based in Buffalo, New York, active from 1884 to 1911. Founded by Seymore Horrace Knox, the company entered into a partnership with his cousin Frank Woolworth to open the first five-and-dime store in Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1884. Knox expanded the chain, eventually becoming the second-largest in the United States and notably opening the first urban five-and-dime store in Detroit.

As the popularity of postcards grew, Knox became a significant distributor and publisher of postcards through his stores. In 1911, S. H. Knox & Company was merged into the F.W. Woolworth & Co. chain.

Made in Germany.

Rights Info: Public Domain

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