Crystal Cave, Put-In-Bay, Ohio (Date Unknown)

Crystal Cave, Put-In-Bay, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage postcard showing the interior of one of the caves at the Crystal Cave in Put-In-Bay, Ohio.

Estimated Date: After 1945

Collection: The Crystal Cave

Era: Chrome Era
Condition: Unused

The limestone Crystal Cave was discovered in 1897 and can still be visited today.

The description on the back of the card:
Crystal Cave
Put-In-Bay, Ohio
It’s world famous and the only one of this kind known to man and open to the public. Geologists are amazed and gaze in awe and wonder at this beautiful Crystaline Strontia cavern. In connection is the Heineman Winery, vintners of the finest wines and grape juice grapes can produce.

Back of Crystal Cave, Put-In-Bay, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Back of the postcard.

Published by:

“Curteichcolor” by Curt Teich Co., Chicago, Illinois

Established in 1898, the Curt Teich Co. was best known for its wide range of advertising and postcards of North America. By the 1920s, it was producing so many postcards with borders that they became recognized as a type dubbed "White Border Cards," creating an "era." Later, Curt Teich's innovations in this printing technique directly led to the production of what we now call “linens” by the early 1930s.
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Reproduction from Kodachrome or Ektachrome original.

Rights Info: Most likely public domain due to inadequate copyright statements, but it would be best to credit the original publishers and distributors.

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