County Court House, Columbus, Ohio (1907)

County Court House, Columbus, Ohio (1907)
Vintage postcard showing the Franklin County Court House in Columbus, Ohio. There is a handwritten message dated 1907 in the sky and message areas.

The description on the front of the card:
County Court House, Columbus, O.

Postmark and written date: Aug. 14, 1907

No. in series: 43.-12
Era: Undivided Back Era
Condition: Used

Message on the front of the card:
Columbus, Oh. 8/14 1907 I was in this building last Monday.
We are all well, but Elmer is not very well today.
I will write in two days.
Your sister,
Eva I. Parsons
344 S. Champion Ave.
Col. Ohio

Addressed to:
Mrs. Tilla J. Lincoln
Cedar Creek, Nebraska

Back of County Court House, Columbus, Ohio (1907)
Back of the postcard featuring the Illustrated Postal Card Company eagle, a 1907 Columbus, Ohio postmark, a machine cancel, and a green one-cent stamp. An ink stamp says it was missent to St. Charles, Missouri.

Published by:  

Illustrated Postal Card Co. New York-Leipzig

The Illustrated Postal Card Company, based in New York City, operated from 1905 to 1914. During its peak years, the company printed millions of postcards, capitalizing on the popularity of picture postcards.
Read more about the Illustrated Postal Card Co.

Cancel type: Machine cancel
Stamp: Green one-cent

Rights Info: Public Domain

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