C.W. Platt

Clayton Winfield Platt, who operated a photo gallery in Sandusky, Ohio from 1883 to 1914, succeeded his father, A.C. Platt, as its proprietor. Situated at the northeast corner of Columbus Avenue and Water Street, the gallery was a significant establishment in the local photography scene.

Platt specialized in capturing the scenic landscapes of the Lake Erie Islands area and produced hand-tinted matted prints showcasing their beauty. Due to declining health, Platt sold his business to former employee C.G. Wildenthaler in 1903. His passing in 1914 marked the end of an era for Sandusky’s photographic community.

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sandusky, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Real photo undivided back postcard showing the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sandusky, Ohio.

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