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Thomas A. Dexter was the inventor of gang printing. His company printed a wide variety of postcard subjects as linens and photochromes in New York from 1934-1980.

The photochromes printed by Dexter have the words “Genuine Natural Color” despite going through a variety of phases. The company’s early photochromes went under the name “Dextone” and were often flat and somewhat dull in appearance. The company’s optical blending techniques improved producing richer and more varied colors over time.

The company merged with MWM Color Press in 1980 to become MWM Dexter, and they moved to Aurora, Missouri.

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View of Storage Dam on Scioto River, Columbus, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage linen postcard depicting a view of the storage dam on the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio.

Greetings from Ohio “The Buckeye State” (Date Unknown)
Vintage postcard showing a map of Ohio, cities, and landmarks.

Alpine-Alpa Cheese Chalet Stores, Hamilton, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage chrome postcard depicting a view of Alpine-Alpa Cheese Chalet Store building in Hamilton, Ohio.

All American Soap Box Derby, Akron, Ohio (1957)
Vintage postcard (c. 1957) depicting the All American Soap Box Derby in Akron, Ohio.

Aerial View of Goodyear Plant 1, Akron, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage postcard depicting the aerial view of Goodyear Plant 1 in Akron, Ohio.

Ohio Turnpike, Youngstown, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage divided back chrome postcard (c. 1970s) picturing the Ohio Turnpike in Youngstown, Ohio, from the air.

Scene in Franklin Park, Columbus, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage postcard depicting the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio.

Source: Metro Postcard