Heart of Columbus Business Section, Columbus, Ohio (1906)

Heart of Columbus Business Section, Columbus, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage undivided back postcard (c. 1906) depicting Downtown Columbus, Ohio, showing the business section from the 16th floor of the Capitol Trust Building.

The description on the front of the card:
Heart of Columbus Business Section
Photographed from the sixteenth floor
Capitol Trust Building

Estimated Date: 1906

Series: Columbus Dispatch Post Cards

Era: Undivided Back Era
Condition: Unused

The description on the back of the card:
This series of Columbus Dispatch Post Cards consists of 16 subjects. A Post Card Coupon cut from The Dispatch gets you one card; 15 Coupons get you the entire series. No charge.

Back of the postcard.

Publisher: Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Dispatch published a set of postcards in 1906 featuring 16 different Real Photo views of Columbus and its landmarks. Readers of the newspaper could purchase them with coupons.

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Rights Info: Public Domain

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