Carnegie Public Library, Conneaut, Ohio (1924)

Carnegie Public Library, Conneaut, Ohio (1924)
Vintage white border postcard (c. 1924) depicting the Carnegie Public Library in Conneaut, Ohio.

The description on the front of the card:
Carnegie Public Library, Conneaut, Ohio

The Conneaut library started as the “Peoples Free Library Association” that was dedicated to the advancement of learning through borrowing free reading materials. After a library tax levy was passed in 1905 and money was raised, the library’s board of trustees purchased land from a Mrs. G.H. Sheppard on the corner of Buffalo and State streets for $4,000 (almost $104,000 in 2016). Two years later, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie donated $25,000 (over $648,000 in 2016) for the construction of the library.

The library opened on May 3, 1909, with 12,000 volumes. The public library was moved to a $2.3 million building that opened in May 1998. In 2015, the owner of the original library was fined for fire code violations and the building remains vacant.

Postmark Date: August 30, 1924

Era: White Border Era
Condition: Used

Back of the postcard with a 1924 Conneaut, Ohio postmark, machine cancel, and a green one-cent stamp. It has a handwritten message addressed to a Mrs. Laverna Frairel(?) in Bruke, New York.

Publisher: Whitmore & Pontius, Conneaut, Ohio.

Rights Info: Public Domain

1. Conneaut Public Library
2. Todd, Mark. “Owner of Carnegie Library found guilty of building violation.” Star Beacon. 29 September 2015. Online. Retrieved 6 September 2017. (Link)

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Rights Info: Public Domain

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