Stone Bridge in West Lawn Cemetery, Canton, Ohio (1916)

Stone Bridge in West Lawn Cemetery, Canton, Ohio (1916)
Vintage postcard (c. 1916) depicting the Stone Bridge in West Lawn Cemetery in Canton, Ohio.

The description on the front of the card:
Stone Bridge in West Lawn Cemetery, Canton, Ohio

Postmark Date: June 9, 1916

Era: Divided Back Era
Condition: Used

West Lawn Cemetery sits adjacent to the McKinley National Memorial and was where William McKinley was originally buried. Originally called Canton Cemetery, the name was changed to West Lawn Cemetery in 1861 when it was incorporated. It is now 67 acres and is located between Fourth and 12th streets.

Dear Myrtle,
I guess that will be al -right have a letter from Clark today. He says they’ll be down about noon but if you said afternoon. I suppose that’s when it will be.

Addressed to:
Miss Myrtle Shaub
New Berlin, O.

Back of the postcard with a 1916 Canton, Ohio postmark, flag cancel, and green one-cent stamp. There is a handwritten message addressed to a Miss Myrtle Shaub in New Berlin, Ohio.

Publisher: L. Schartenberg & Co., Inc., Akron, Ohio. C.T. Photochrome by Curt Teich Co., Chicago, Illinois.

Established in 1898, the Curt Teich Co. was best known for its wide range of advertising and postcards of North America. By the 1920s, it was producing so many postcards with borders that they became recognized as a type dubbed “White Border Cards,” creating an “era.” Later, Curt Teich’s innovations in this printing technique directly led to the production of what we now call “linens” by the early 1930s.
Read more about the Curt Teich Co.

Rights Info: Public Domain

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