Sapirstein Greeting Card Company

The Sapirstein Greeting Card Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, was established in 1905 by Polish immigrant Jacob Sapirstein. Initially, Sapirstein purchased cards from German manufacturers and sold them in the Cleveland area. Over time, the operation grew into a family business, evolving into the Sapirstein Greeting Card Company.

By 1936, the company began printing its own cards and underwent a name change to American Greetings Publishers during World War II. Despite these changes, the company continues to operate successfully to this day.

The Three Bridges and Ohio River, Showing Children’s Home, Between East Liverpool and Steubenville, Ohio (Date Unknown) | Sapirstein Greeting Card Company
Vintage linen postcard showing the three bridges and the Ohio River between East Liverpool and Steubenville, Ohio. The Children’s Home can be seen in the background.

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