Young People’s Corner in the Library with Portrait of McKinley’s Mother, McKinley Memorial, Niles, Ohio (1950s)

Marble Statue of the Beloved President Done by D. Massey Rind McKinley Memorial, Niles, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage white border postcard depicting the Young People’s Corner in the library with a portrait of McKinley’s Mother at the William McKinley Memorial in Niles, Ohio.

The description on the front of the card:
Young People’s Corner in the Library with Portrait of McKinley’s Mother
McKinley Memorial, Niles, Ohio

The William McKinley Birthplace Memorial Library and Museum was built in 1915 in Niles, Ohio. The library is a public library and the museum features exhibits about President McKinley.

Estimated Date: 1950s
Series: William McKinley Memorial

Era: White Border Era
Condition: Unused

Back of the postcard.

Publisher: Artvue Post Card Co., 225 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y.

Artvue Post Card Company was formed in 1936 in New York City, New York, and produced black and white postcards in the 1950s. They bought the postcard company, Albertype Company, in 1952.

Rights Info: Most likely public domain due to inadequate copyright statements, but it would be best to credit the original publishers and distributors.

McKinley Memorial Museum
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