The Gateway to the Blue Hole, Castalia, Ohio (1936)

The Gateway to the Blue Hole, Castalia, Ohio (1936)
Vintage postcard (c. 1936) depicting the entrance gate to the Blue Hole in Castalia, Ohio.

The description on the front of the card:
The Gateway to the Blue Hole, Castalia, Ohio

Written Date: August 1936

Collection: The Blue Hole

No. in Series: B-137
Era: Linen Era
Condition: Used

The description on the back of the card:
The Blue Hole
Castalia, Erie County, Ohio
On the way to the Blue Hole, the visitor walks along the banks of a beautiful stream — the crystal like waters of which are teaming with fish, speckled beauties — rainbows, browns, eastern brook and loch level trout. A sportsman’s paradise where nature in one of its extravagant woods carved a fairy land. The Blue Hole and parks adjacent thereto are more beautiful at night than in the daytime — a sight never to be forgotten — a dreamland. Inconceivable where one can crystal-gaze in water rather than glass.

Back of the postcard.

Publisher: Standard Publications, Geneva, Ohio.
Manufacturer: Fort Wayne Printing Co., Fort Wayne, Ind.

Fort Wayne Printing Co. was established in 1902.

Rights Info: Public Domain

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