Post Office, Mansfield, Ohio (Date Unknown)

Post Office, Mansfield, Ohio (Date Unknown)
Vintage postcard depicting the post office in Mansfield, Ohio. There are street lanterns and old cars in front of the building.

The description on the front of the card:
Post Office, Mansfield, Ohio.

Estimated Date: 1911-1926

Era: White Border Era
Condition: Unused

Built in 1913, this building located on the southeast corner of West Fourth and North Mulberry streets served as Mansfield’s post office for 60 years. Mansfield City Schools bought the building in 1973 and used it to house the Board of Education offices. In 2008, the Weldon, Huston and Keyser law firm bought the building for $77,000.

Back of the postcard with the I. Robbins & Son and Curteich-Chicago logos.

Publisher: I. Robbins & Son, Pittsburgh, PA. C.T. American Art Colored by Curt Teich Co., Chicago, Illinois.

I. Robbins & Sons of Pittsburgh, Penn. was a publisher of many postcards from 1911-1943 of which most were printed by Curt Teich.

Established in 1898, the Curt Teich Co. was best known for its wide range of advertising and postcards of North America. By the 1920s, it was producing so many postcards with borders that they became recognized as a type dubbed “White Border Cards,” creating an “era.” Later, Curt Teich’s innovations in this printing technique directly led to the production of what we now call “linens” by the early 1930s.
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Rights Info: Public Domain

Caudill, Mark. “Law firm a downtown anchor in old post office building.” Mansfield News Journal. Published 29 October 2015. Accessed 26 August 2017.  (Link)

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