Ohio Penitentiary, Columbus Ohio (1906)

Ohio Penitentiary, Columbus Ohio (1906)
Vintage postcard (c. 1906) depicting two women walking along the Ohio Penitentiary wall in Columbus, Ohio. There is a handwritten message in the sky area. The penitentiary closed in 1984 and the buildings were demolished in 1998.

The description on the front of the card:
Ohio Penitentiary, Columbus O.

Postmark Date: July 25, 1906

No. in Series: 43.-5
Era: Undivided Back Era
Condition: Used

Dear Mable – This is not where I am staying.
Am having a thorough rest, marking to eat and sleep. Expect to take in about fifty pounds!
Lucie H.

Addressed to:
Miss Mable Carter
11 Wooldridge Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio

Also known as the Ohio State Penitentiary, the Ohio Pen was a prison that operated from 1834 to 1984 in what is now the Arena District in Columbus, Ohio. At its peak in 1955, it housed over 5,200 prisoners. Postcards were in high demand in the early 1900s and images like these of prisons often came with a joke from the sender such as this one’s, “This is not where I’m staying.” Other popular messages included, “Wish you were here!” “[I’m] stopping here, when I’ll be released I cannot tell.” and “Have escaped from the Pen — [they] say I am too bad to stay here.”

Back of a vintage postcard with an undivided back, the Illustrated Postal Card Company eagle, a 1906 Columbus, Ohio postmark, machine cancel, and green one-cent stamp. It is addressed to a Miss Mable Porter in Cleveland, Ohio.

Publisher: Illustrated Postal Card Co. New York. Printed in Leipzig.

The Illustrated Postal Card Co. of New York was a major publisher of tinted halftone postcards from 1905-1914. The cards were printed by Emil Pinkau in Leipzig, Saxony.
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Rights Info: Public Domain

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